Premier Custom Home Builder in Houston, TX

We can work with clients to design and implement major renovation and remodeling projects. You can see some of our recent projects in our Gallery of Projects here on our website. Major renovations and major remodeling projects can be defined in a number of ways, but typically include some or most of the following attributes listed below.

  • The interior or exterior of the home is being modified to the extent that an architect or designer must be employed to design and document the scope of the modifications.
  • The structure of the home is being modified or expanded such that significant square footage is being added to the home, requiring engineering drawings and approval of the structural modifications.
  • The scope of the project requires the need for a professional interior designer to coordinate the material and color selections, finish items, appliances, fixtures, finishes, etc. to achieve the desired period look or architectural style.
  • The scope of the project would require the selection of architects and interior designers with specific talents and experience in historic or period renovations and remodels.
  • Significant square footage is being added to the structure by adding a second floor or increasing the footprint of the first floor.
  • A wholesale gutting and updating of an older home to bring it up to code, including electrical, plumbing, flooring, cabinetry, trim package, appliances, etc. that might be necessary when renovating homes 20 to 30 years old and older.

Other significant renovations and remodels might also include adding garage apartments, complete replacements of kitchens and baths, additions of home automation and home theater rooms and systems, etc.